When I started telling people I was moving to Abu Dhabi, the reaction was normally “Abu what?”  So, then I’d say it’s near Dubai.  Once I said that it was all about how lucky I was to be going to such a cosmo, ritzy, famous place.  Anyone I knew who had been to Dubai said that I’d love it and needed to go as soon as I got off the plane. Well almost two months into my time here, and I finally got to go.

I didn’t go to see the Burj Khalifa, the malls, or the Dubai fountains.  I didn’t even go check out the Palms or any of the other famous resorts.  Nope.  I went to chill with friends, get some beach time, some food, and a little bit of souq shopping. I’ve been swamped with work and moving into my new life, so I needed a whole lot of relaxation.  And OMG was the beach soooo sooooo soooo worth it. The chilled pool with a view of the beach was even better because I could cool off, wash off salt and sand and get a drink. Walking the beach at night is amazing.  Dubai is a sight to see when the sun is awake, but when she goes down it’s a whole other level of OMG.

The ride from Al Ain was an easy hour’s drive.  My friend did the driving, but if you leave on a Friday morning the traffic is something even stressed-out me can handle.  Good to know because I totally plan on doing this again and again and again.  I’ll even get around to checking out all the other touristy spots.  My monthly budget now includes Dubai because I’m doing this city as much as I can.  I absolutely love it, and I’m a whole lot jealous of the friends who are living there (but it’s all good because I totally plan on taking them up on their couch offers). Because I’m still busy with work and moving in (TWO cable guys are here working on my stuff as I type this — holy hell I think I might actually get my own Internet today!) I’ll stop writing and post some pics.  I’m sorry I’m not taking that many.  I promise I’ll get better once I’ve settled in more.  Now, I’m just taking it all in.

DSC05498Dubai on the horizon DSC05497Um this cow’s Eid break might not have been as nice as mine, but she doesn’t know it yet.  Or maybe she’s just going for a ride and eating grass right now. DSC05513I normally see one of these guys on the back of a pick up DSC05514hey there! does my hump smell? DSC05525I look evil posing in front of this parked RR, which we thought was for show, but no it belonged to someone. DSC05522 movies on the beachDSC05521 DSC05518 the sun setting on our little beach.  The water is bathwater warm and very salty, but heaven just the same. DSC05517 DSC05548 DSC05531 DSC05528 the beach area at night.  It’s even prettier in person. DSC05553 the burj in the distance.  The bottom right is the top of another very tall building.  I’ll take Joe to visit this in December.  I hear the best time to go is during sunset.   Below are shots from the gold and spice souq area.  Obviously the old boats fascinated me.  I also plan on taking a dhow ride when Joe visits, and doing one of the dinner cruises (on a nicer boat). DSC05593 DSC05592 DSC05589 DSC05585 DSC05576 DSC05577 DSC05581 DSC05582 DSC05575 DSC05573

2014-10-05 15.37.17and last but not least had my hair done by a Russian in the hotel salon.  I figured a salon in Dubai would be less likely to burn my hair.  AND, I went in there because there was another guy who reminded me of Zohan, and I just had to get my hair done by an Adam Sandler character.  But, the guy had another client, and there was no dancing or Zohan antics, so I’m glad I got the other guy, who was great.  Jill, if you’re reading this, don’t worry you’re still my favorite stylist!

I’m back to a darker shade of blonde because our sink water comes from the ocean, so it’s hell on everything including the hair.  And why my head looks like a pumpkin is beyond me, but there you go. Time for me to heat up some dinner and get back to working on work stuff.  This gig isn’t all Dubai and glamour!

p.s. Cable guys left.  Um, they say it works, but it’ll be two hours before I can use my Internet and 24-hours before I can use the cable T.V.  The whole cable thing just cracks me up.  Best part is I already came to grips with not having it.  I was just going to pay my neighbor for her wifi access.  Hopefully, the next time I post it’ll be using my own router.


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