Summer vacay begins!

I’m sitting here waiting for friends to arrive so that we can float and sip in the pool.  It’s been a busy weekend.  My last day of work was Friday, and Aaron graduated same day.  We feasted and went to see the latest X-men movie, which was fun.  On Saturday we went up north to camp and watch the meteor shower.  While we didn’t see anything amazing in the heavens we did manage to have way too good a time — came home absolutely exhausted.  Since today is Memorial Day, it’s still a normal day off.  Tomorrow, however, begins the work week, and I get to do absolutely nothing if I wanted to.  Right now I’m sooooo looking forward to some down time, although there won’t be much of it.  Kaylene and I have a trip planned to D.C., then Joe and I will visit Kyle in Colorado, and, well, you know there’s the whole planning to move to the Middle East thing.  But, TODAY I get all wrinkly in the pool.  Amen to time off!


DSC04897  Two of my monsters.  Kyle was lost in the crowd.  I’ll post more about him after the Colorado visit.  I’m sure there will be some great pics there!

And, here’s the latest blog posted for Teach UAE (I truly do feel like I’m living in parallel worlds — my Arizona now and my Abu Dhabi tomorrow):


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